What is the "TradersGroup" ? The TradersGroup is a private forum where Stock & Futures traders can get together with other traders ranging from newbies to full-time Professionals to discuss all aspects of trading in a friendly environment with an emphasis on quality trader education. The group consists of traders from all over the World using a variety of technical analysis methods and techniques etc. Unlike the public newsgroups, there is no advertising (commonly known as spam). Sending of charts is allowed and welcomed, many of our members regularly post charts along with their messages to further help explain their analysis. For less than the cost of a single trading related book you can join the Tradersgroup for a whole year !

Who are our members ? After 3 years we now have many regular members from around the world, many are full-time traders who's main source of income is from trading, some are brokers and some are professional money managers. A few names you will recognize as trading book authors, video or seminar teachers. One professional trader who has been in the group for 3 years summed it up by saying "You will learn more in one year being in this group than you will from any trading related book or video, at fifty dollars per year it is a bargain".

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